Cain's JC Products LLC
A family owned operation located in Buckeye Arizona. We are three generations of experience in the hunting or sporting goods manufacturing industry.

Product Development
We will work with you on your sound development projects. If possible, send us your call barrel and tell us what you want to accomplish in regards to sound, tone, pitch and or decibels. If you want, send us a digital file of the required sound.

Turn Key Operations
Product assembly, packaging and shipping of your product is a service we provide; we are EDI compliant and have the experience/knowhow to properly ship and process accounts in all major box stores and Wal-Mart.

Co-op Buying Power Advantage
The services below, and their prospective price points, are derived from multiple companies needing/using the same services. This co-op maximizes the buying power of any single company.

Packaging Development
Development from start to finish of all your packaging needs including cards, blisters and clamshells; designed to make your product professional and stand out for maximum sales.

Product Photography
Your products are professionally photographed and digitally processed to produce clean and sharp images. Our photography is formatted for use with packaging, websites, print ads, flyers, decals and catalogs.

Media Service
Build and manage websites, brochures and print ads. Design logos and graphics for branding and product recognition. Produce your TV commercial, infomercial or instructional DVD. Purchase radio, TV time or ad space.

Printing Service
Let us bid your next printing project, from catalogs, brochures, flyers to instructional manuals.